Account Application
Only ESCO open account customers will be granted access to the pricing and order fulfillment capabilities of this site.  In order to establish an open account and receive a username and password with ESCO, you will be required to complete, sign and return an ESCO Credit Application.  If your past credit history is unfavorable, you may be denied open account.  If you have been in business less than five years, a personal guarantee or letter of credit may be requested. You may also be put on a credit limit until you have established a good credit history with ESCO.  Our terms are NET 30.  If not on open account, items will be shipped COD or can be charged on Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover Card.  A core charge may apply.  Payment in US Funds only.  If payment is not received within 45 DAYS from date of invoice, your account will automatically be placed on Credit Hold until all past due invoices are paid.  Should your account reach 60 days past due, all open invoices must be paid before we can ship any additional orders to you on open account.  If your account is placed on credit hold three times during any 12 month period, your privilege of open account will be revoked and you will be placed on a COD basis only.