ESCO "Core Return Reminder" Report

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Log in and click on the above link to view a list of the cores your company is required to return. The information in this report is updated daily. Returned cores may not be removed for several days due to return shipping time delays and internal processes.

Contained in this report is the following information:

  • Username: Your assigned username contains your companies account number

  • Today's Date: The date the report is generated is displayed for reference

  • Company Name: Your Company's name

  • Shipped: The date the cores were shipped from ESCO

  • Due: The date the core is due back to ESCO (45 days from date of invoice)

  • PO#: Your Purchase Order number or Reference information

  • Job#: ESCO's internal job number assigned to transaction

  • Esco#: ESCO's part number for core

  • Mfg Part#: OEM or Manufacturer's part number of core

  • Description: Description of core

ESCO Core Return Policy
Core exchange charges for ESCO remanufactured electronic boards will be equal to normal repair charges if a rebuildable like for like core is received no later than 45 days from date of invoice.  If the following cores are not returned by the due date and we do not receive a notification regarding an extension for cores that are due you will be billed the replacement cost of the core.  A 15% restocking fee will be charged for unused cores returned within 45 days.